The Blair Report …a weight loss journey

…Blair has lost close to 100 pounds and has started the maintenance phase of the program…here is a snap shot of her journey…

What motivated you to call and make your initial appointment? I had been looking for the motivation for quite some time.  Stressful job, husband with a chronic illness that turned very acute in February 2014.  After his discharge from the hospital I knew that I needed to do something.

When the diet/lifestyle change was explained to you, what was your reaction? Honestly, I have been on several diets through the course of my adult life.  I knew what to expect and felt like I was ready to start making changes.

Was your husband supportive of your diet? 100%!!  He makes sure that my lunch is made every day, makes my salad for dinner.  Always has grilled chicken breast in the frig.  He takes great pride in making sure that my morning protein supplement chocolate shake is the right thickness and chilled to perfection!

Has your energy level changed?  If so, example…Yes, it has changed dramatically.  Probably the greatest difference is that I can keep going for the whole day.  Before the weight loss, I was exhausted by the time I finally made it home at night…really I was exhausted with the effort of just getting dressed in the morning.  Now, I can eat dinner, even have energy to get some things done around the house and do not feel as though I need to be in bed by 9pm.

How has the program impacted your budget? I tell anyone that will listen that I think I was spending more money on fast food and eating out before I started the plan.

Do you eat the same foods every day or a variety of foods that are on the plan? Creature of habit…I tend to eat the same things every day.  It’s the method that works for me.

Did you ever hit a plateau? I don’t think I did hit a plateau.  I had weight loss at every visit.*

You face a lot of stress in your life, how do you stay focused on the diet and not turn to food for comfort? Once I make up my mind to do something I tend to be pretty committed to seeing it through.  For me, the idea of suffering the guilt is more stressful that just sticking to the plan!

How do you avoid the…”I’m too busy to eat right, plan meals or exercise?” Commitment and the results…it has been so terrific to get back into clothes and business suits that I have not been able to wear in 4 years.  The way I feel is so awesome to me…I think that women past menopause begin to feel very old.  But I really believe that we can control a lot of how we feel with eating better and exercise.  Admittedly, my relationship with my treadmill is still a work in progress.

Do you still crave sweets? Sometimes and really have a hard time if I give in to the craving.  So…I try really hard to not eat them at all.

Have you changed your exercise routine since starting the diet? I didn’t have any kind of routine before starting the diet.  I’m working on building my distance and incline on my treadmill.  One of the medical practices that I help to manage is a bariatric practice.  The staff there is amazing and so supportive to their patients.  They participate in many of the walking/running events that happen here beginning in the spring.  This year I plan to join in their fun!

How did you change evening snacking? I have a monster salad for dinner, then a bowl of strawberries for dessert.  This combo has really worked for me.

What has surprised you the most about your weight loss? The biggest surprise is that I could do it at all.  I am working on proving to myself that women can do almost anything they want at any age.

How has your self-image been impacted by the weight loss? My self-confidence is so much better than it had become before I started the plan.  I was embarrassed about how much I weighed and the size clothing I had to wear.

How will you maintain your loss? I plan to stay with Advanced Medical Weight Loss and the wonderful staff there for maintenance.  I have lost weight before and gained it back.  For me, the accountability of coming to your office once a month to weigh will help to keep me on track.

*There is no guarantee of specific results and individual results may vary

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