14,894.8 pounds lost in 2015…

Dr Slott’s patients lost approximately 14,894.8 pounds in 2015…in other words, take a medium missile and fire it at a vending machine that is stuffed with chips and cookies, marshmallows and wings. After the smoke has cleared and the fire extinguished, shovel the waste into a city dumpster.  Haul the dumpster, containing the toxic materials, away with a U-Haul trailer.  Drive to the port and deliver to a cargo container.

With a smile on your face, for doing a good deed, climb on your touring motorcycle that is parked on a manhole cover and drive away with your pet pig, Ricky.

Medium Missile                      2,000 pounds

Large Vending Machine          600 pounds

City Dumpster                           500 ponds

U-Haul Trailer                         1,800 pounds

Cargo Container                      9,000 pounds

Touring Motorcycle                   800 pounds

Manhole Cover                          100 pounds

Pet Pig                                        94.8 pounds

…and that folks is 14,894.8 pounds…

*There is no guarantee of specific results and  individual results may vary

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