Making a Contract for Change

Often, contractforchangeit is not enough to make arrangements with yourself to master a particular act or behavior like weight loss. After a time, you may slack off and return to older, more familiar routines. Your commitment to yourself does not have the same power as commitments you make to other people. Nobody else feels disappointed or concerned when you fail yourself. This is because nobody knows about it. If you have a tendency to start and not finish things then making a contract with someone who knows and cares about you in order to master a particular technique is important. Make sure you select someone whose good opinion you value, someone you would not want to let down. Both of you should sign it and keep copies, just like a formal business agreement.


I have decided to deal with my issue of ____________________________
by using ____________________________________ technique(s). I am committing myself to _______________________, to undertake the following: practice the ________________technique ______ times per day/week. I will evaluate my improvement only at the end of this period. I will immediately notify the above-mentioned person of any setback to hold this commitment.
____________ _______________________________
Date Signature

I commit myself to taking this work seriously and I will periodically check with _____________________ as a reminder that his/her progress is important to me.

___________ ____________________________________
Date Signature

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