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Amino Acids

Amino acids are essential in metabolism and designed to enhance weight loss.

Morning Amino Acids (red)
Contains L-tyrosine and acetyl L-carnitine
Studies have shown that L-tyrosine is helpful to maintain physical performance and appetite suppression in dieting patients. Our present formulation adds acetyl L-carnitine, the active molecule that transports fat into the mitochondria furnaces in our bodies where it is burned. Acetyl L-carnitine has also been recognized for its memory enhancing effects on the central nervous system.

Mid-Day Amino Acids (blue)
Contains L-leucine and acetyl L-carnitine.
L-leucine is unique among amino acids due to its role in protein synthesis and maintaining blood sugar levels. During exercise or periods of caloric deprivation, L-leucine is supplied to the liver where it is converted into glucose and transported again to muscle as an energy source. L-leucine supplementation has been shown to facilitate this process. As previously explained, acetyl L-carnitine is present for its ability to enhance fat metabolism (fat burning).

Evening Amino Acids (white)
Contains L-arginine and malate.
L-arginine is important in controlling the release of growth hormone, which increases breakdown of fat stores. Malate is akey element in the citric acid cycle, the final pathway for fat metabolism. During periods of increased fat breakdown malate can actually be depleted limiting the effective rate of fat metabolism. Added malate assists in maintenance of optimal fat destruction.

These new formulas represent our efforts to keep abreast of the latest advances in weight loss, diet and nutrition. You should find these improvements leave you with more energy and mental alertness during your weight loss and maintenance phases.

Vitamin B-6, B-12 Injections

An important component of our weight management program is the injection program. The injections contain vitamins B-6 and B-12. These vitams are essential in energy, metabolism and reducing homocysteine levels. As a side benefit, many patients experience increased energy levels when taking the injections.

Three injections are included in the initial package. We encourage you to come in for an injection every 3-4 days during the first two weeks of your weight loss program. You will receive one injection at each follow up visit. Additional injections may be purchased at any time.

If you are a patient, you do not need an appointment to receive an injection. Come during normal business hours, sign-in and we will get you back quickly for your injection.

Injection Pricing Structure

As stated above, three injections are included in the initial starting price. Additionally, one injection is included in the price of each follow-up visit. Many patients find they want injections between scheduled visits these patients purchase extra injections and have every three to four days.

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