Navigating the Holidays

You don’t have to gain pounds this holiday season.  Being mindful of what you’re eating and exercise will keep you from ruining your weight-loss efforts.

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year to spend time with your family and friends and celebrate.  Enjoy he festivities and indulge a bit without gaining a boatload.

Tips for this Holiday Season:

The holiday weight gain is avoidable if you adjust your mind-set.  Fill up on the healthy food, like roasted turkey, salad and veggies, then enjoy those side dishes you consider “must haves” in moderation.  Or, do you just love your Uncle Jim’s apple pie that he makes only once a year?  Plan to eat a small slice and skip some of the other fatty side dishes.

Stick to your fitness plan.  Granted, you may not be perfect, but you should never throw in the towel. You might miss a workout because you are traveling or attending a holiday function.  It’s okay as long as you make sure your workout happens the next day.  Make your exercise a priority and a “must attend” entry in your calendar.

Avoid attending any event hungry.  Have a protein supplement beforehand—and, if appropriate, bring along a healthy dish that you can munch on to distract yourself from the calorie dense items.

Sticking to your healthy lifestyle during the holiday season can be difficult, but there’s no reason to abandon all the progress you’ve made this year for a few gluttonous meals.  Indulge occasionally, schedule your workouts, plan nutritious meals and try to keep a healthy mindset.

Happy, Healthy, Holidays,

Dr. Slott

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Holiday Hours:

Closed on the following days:

Wednesday, November 23

Thursday, November 24

Friday, November 25

Friday, December 23

Monday, December 26

Monday, January 2

The Dr. Slott team wishes you and your family the happiest of holidays

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Meet the Dr. Slott Team

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Congratulations Caesar

"Thank you Dr. Slott for giving me my life back"

Caesar is enjoying his 60 pound weight loss

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14,894.8 pounds lost in 2015…

Dr Slott’s patients lost approximately 14,894.8 pounds in 2015…in other words, take a medium missile and fire it at a vending machine that is stuffed with chips and cookies, marshmallows and wings. After the smoke has cleared and the fire extinguished, shovel the waste into a city dumpster.  Haul the dumpster, containing the toxic materials, away with a U-Haul trailer.  Drive to the port and deliver to a cargo container.

With a smile on your face, for doing a good deed, climb on your touring motorcycle that is parked on a manhole cover and drive away with your pet pig, Ricky.

Medium Missile                      2,000 pounds

Large Vending Machine          600 pounds

City Dumpster                           500 ponds

U-Haul Trailer                         1,800 pounds

Cargo Container                      9,000 pounds

Touring Motorcycle                   800 pounds

Manhole Cover                          100 pounds

Pet Pig                                        94.8 pounds

…and that folks is 14,894.8 pounds…

*There is no guarantee of specific results and  individual results may vary

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What is stopping you…

…from living the life you want to live?   Today is another chance to make yourself proud…

Dr. Slott and his team are here for you

*There is no guarantee of specific results and  individual results may vary

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Dr. Slott is hosting a weekly contest to reward the patient who achieves the greatest weight loss.

Each week the Guy and Gal with the greatest loss over 14 days will receive a $15 discount on their office visit.

Go for it!-Be a Loser!

*There is no guarantee of specific results and  individual results may vary

Here is the  Skinny:  The patient will be eligible for the prize each time they return for an office visit within 12-14 days of their previous visit.

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Patient Weight loss Picture

"Thank you Dr. Slott for giving me my life back"

…in 12 months I lost my weight.  Thank you all so much for helping me  get back my body….”*

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Medical History Form

Here is a link to our medical history form. Please download and fill out and bring to your first appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

medical history form

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